Greetings! On this site you will find information about the books I have written: The Quest of the Golden Apple (2016), The Enchanted Shield (2017), and Attack on Shadowkeep (2018). Currently, I am working on a new story, but very slowly this time round, having hardly any free time nowadays. This tale has to do with time and other things and is not part of the earlier series. It was supposed to be a science-fiction work, but some mild fantasy has been creeping in as well. So far, as of April 2019, I am about halfway through. When I am finished with this one, hopefully I will get back to our old characters and continue their story.

If you would like to support my writing, please consider buying one (or more) of my books. It is much appreciated, and I thank you for your support. If it is not possible for you to buy them, but would still like copies, just send me an e-mail specifying which books you want and in what format (only Mobi or ePub at present), and I will gladly send them to you for free. (Note: My books have been free on Amazon and other channels for some time now, so please do not pay for them anywhere. I must also note that there are dubious sites which claim to offer my books for free download. These sites are scams and possibly dangerous. As I said, the books ought to be free on official sellers, such as Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Kobo, etc., etc. Also, you can even e-mail me and I will be happy to send you copies for free. Thank you for reading.)

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